The Unique formulation of L-Carnitine, Vitamin B6 & Manganese in a very high concentration have a well known roles in human fertility, sperm motility and sexual vigor.

  • High efficacy as it having 3 essential components for energy yielding , formation of sexual hormones and boosting sperm motility with a high concentration of L-Carnitine ensuring the efficacy .
  • Amazing dosage form syrup in ready to use sticks ensuring the high absorption, accurate dosing & convenient .
  • Oxidation may affect negatively on activity , and it result in bad smell that’s why we use alum -alum sachets .
  • Tasty formula ,It has a great, fresh sweet taste as It comes in a apple juice taste that dissolve immediately in mouth plus it is Ready to act after 15 minutes of administration.
  • High safety profile Safe with no side effects, No artificial colors or flavors , No added yeast, wheat, dairy or gluten plus All component were natural and biocompatible .
  • High quality components made in Italy .